Tom Noddy - Bubble Magic
This guy does amazing things with soap bubbles and smoke.
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By anothernametaken 2 weeks ago
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  • Cool [ +2 good ]
    by bumble , 17th April
    • That's awesome!
      Really cool... i wonder if the bubble soap was regular stuff you get in teh store or a special blend or something...?
      by greatmoney , 18th April
      • bubble goop?
        See and select Kids at the top.
        by frankc , 21st April
        • And the secret is.....
          You can add some glyserin to the soap water. I dont know how much is the perfect coz no one who make tricks wants to tell. But try it out...
          by Frankita Desktop User , 20th April
          • special blend
            I think the smoke was a special blend, not available in stores.
            by enlightened one Desktop User , 19th April
              • thank you
                interesting... so you can't get the smoke in stores huh...? Back-alley weed-man then? lol : )
                by greatmoney , 19th April
          • holy crap!! [ +2 interesting ]
            that is freaking awesome *runs to kitchen and starts playing with bubbles*
            by A-98 , 17th April
            • this guy is cool
              I loved this video, very cool
              by Whateva Desktop User , 25th April
            • I bet. [ +1 funny ]
              I bet this guy gets a lot of chicks. Not.
              by kuruptgt , 17th April
              • lol
                who the hell cares? he's skilled with bubbles, lol
                by Lehros , 17th April
                • I bet...
                  Tress have a bigger IQ than you do.
                  by jerryemery , 17th April
                  • trees dont have brains!
                    by NateDawg99 Desktop User , 27th April
                    • hahahaha
                      This guy just show me a nice way to pack stuff ...hahahahah
                      by SirValak Desktop User , 17th April
                  • hmmm [ +1 good ]
                    this guy isn't so great. I can do this stuff with my saliva lol
                    by jake_the_noob , 16th April
                    • I'm quite sure...
                      ... you can fart in your bath, too...
                      by animaldan Desktop User , 17th April
                      • me too
                        i can do it with my nose when im sick
                        by bigntastyjames , 16th April
                        • WAAAAW
                          by LAB. TECH. Desktop User , 16th April
                          lol that shits krazy - awsome clip!
                          by Ntek Desktop User , 30th April
                          • cool
                            that was awsome and he didnt even pop a bubble
                            by eat shit aki , 30th April
                            • cool
                              Ive done it with Huka but not as cool as him.
                              by surfr , 22nd April
                              • Source
                                This clip is from The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987. Unfortunately, my funny clips always get nixed by the mods.
                                by anothernametaken , 22nd April
                                • omg
                                  this guy is amazing. unblieveble. he is right. nothing is impossible
                                  by Wiot , 21st April
                                  • thats easy
                                    any1 can do that with a few days of pratice
                                    by carp1 , 21st April
                                    • awesome!
                                      this is so cool!
                                      by Asby76 , 20th April
                                      • oh yeah
                                        this calls for a sexy paty
                                        olo olo olo olo olo
                                        by thatguy , 19th April
                                        • Gimme a break
                                          I bet this guy opens for Barney the dinasaur.

                                          No, seriously, pretty fun to watch----

                                          if you're 5 years old.
                                          by abigchocoholic , 19th April
                                          • POP!!!
                                            by UknowIT Desktop User , 19th April
                                            • bubble magic
                                              He has a lot more that he does. His website is cool site
                                              by NinetyNine , 19th April
                                              • Yet another useless stoner from the 60's
                                                by modernkayaker , 19th April
                                                • That was cool
                                                  I wonder if he can also make his hair disappear? I mean... damn!
                                                  by JAAT , 18th April
                                                  • Nice...
                                                    tricks, shame the dude died at the age of 39 due to cancer
                                                    by Hysteresis Desktop User , 17th April
                                                    • hmm...
                                                      if you look closely you will see the guy was smoking i bet that had something to do with it
                                                      by thatguy , 19th April
                                                    • hmm..
                                                      wow..that was great..that think with the somke...i think he earns a lot of money..
                                                      by diana_locca Desktop User , 17th April
                                                      • I think I saw him in....
                                                        a 70's porn once.
                                                        by americanjock30 , 17th April
                                                        • Dumb :D
                                                          What an ideal to do something with the buble and then say "nothing is impossible" lol
                                                          by Lenz Desktop User , 17th April
                                                          • technically speaking...
                                                            'Nothing' is impossible. Does 'nothing' really exist?
                                                            by goatpoop , 19th April
                                                          • good
                                                            it was very clever
                                                            by superbius69 Desktop User , 17th April
                                                            • this guy
                                                              is my idol
                                                              by johnsonville Desktop User , 16th April
                                                              • Well
                                                                he is good, he is really good, but is he really a magician? I doesn't look like one .
                                                                by Hyuuga Neji Desktop User , 16th April
                                                                • Okay
                                                                  i think he did good. Just wish he had more.
                                                                  by funkhipster , 16th April
                                                                • So... what was it that you do again?
                                                                  Uhh.. yeah , I blow bubbles for a living...
                                                                  by razrfane , 16th April
                                                                  • AMAZINGG
                                                                    NAD INTELLIGENT;)
                                                                    by RYAN-AYASH , 16th April
                                                                    • gratz!!:)
                                                                      by stfunewbiez , 16th April
                                                                      • Im amazed!
                                                                        This dude is so great! ^^
                                                                        by dhanter , 16th April
                                                                        • seen this
                                                                          1000 times..... for example in the kindergarten
                                                                          by RoxfictionGER , 16th April
                                                                          • Wow a 1000 X's huh
                                                                            You must have spent alot of time in Kindergarten then. Notice present perfect tense for the sentence structure and oh, what is the past participle?
                                                                            by Marido Desktop User , 17th April
                                                                            • wow........
                                                                              you knew kids who smoked in kindergarten?
                                                                              by madhatter Desktop User , 17th April
                                                                            • Pricelss
                                                                              a pack of cigar: 4 dollars
                                                                              a bottle of bubble liquid: 50 cents
                                                                              money saved on physics atomic modle: 50 dollars
                                                                              lung cancer at age of fourty: priceless
                                                                              by mrfirefly , 16th April
                                                                              • Making
                                                                                an ass of yourself= free on metacafe
                                                                                by totitotti Desktop User , 16th April
                                                                                • Hey ... [ -2 boring ]
                                                                                  Eat my bubble balls, dick!
                                                                                  by MichaelS333 Desktop User , 17th April
                                                                              • Amaizing
                                                                                I love it!!
                                                                                by Lady_Morrigan Desktop User , 16th April
                                                                                • nice
                                                                                  cool tricks he's got going there
                                                                                  by get over it Desktop User , 15th April
                                                                                  • Magnificent!!
                                                                                    I saw him on tv a few years ago
                                                                                    by bryniu Desktop User , 15th April
                                                                                    • Cool
                                                                                      Did anybody tell that guy that smoking kills?!! :)
                                                                                      by Sleepy Sam Desktop User , 15th April
                                                                                      • He doesn't inhale
                                                                                        Famous quote by Bill Clinton. :-)
                                                                                        by Rocketeer Desktop User , 16th April
                                                                                        • Cool
                                                                                          So does walking out in front of a train. Why dont you do us all a favor and go test that theory.
                                                                                          by Rebel44 Desktop User , 16th April
                                                                                          • hmmm [ +4 funny ]
                                                                                            Your theory is not complete. I did walk infront of a train and I'm still here! why don't you try walking infront of a moving train that is heading towards you smart ass
                                                                                            by Sleepy Sam Desktop User , 16th April
                                                                                            • hey ! y u messin wid rebel44 ??
                                                                                              he juss tried to reply to Sleepy Sam !.. c'mon !! smokin n stuff is someone's personal interest... n we all know that smokin kills.. no need ta tell wat everyone already knows !! even that guy in the video knows it fuken well that smokin kills ! but he's happy with it... n that's wat matters the most !
                                                                                              by sar_coder Desktop User , 19th April
                                                                                              • ooooh!
                                                                                                rebel44 got beat!

                                                                                                yeah i saw this guy on tv last year he does some kewl stuff!
                                                                                                by billy19921 , 16th April
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