Ronaldinho Gaucho
There is no doubt about it. He is simply the best player in the world. Here are just a few of his highlights.
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By Gedehamzen 2 months ago
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  • Ronaldinho is the best player ever!!!! [ +5 good ]
    This video shows everything a super-talented man can do with a ball in his feet. This last time, I've dedicated myself to watch different soccer clips on the net because I love football, and being really honest, Ronaldinho has done some tricks that I hadn't seen before in my life by any other football player. He's simply amazing, his wonderful skills with the ball go beyond the traditional way of playing football, becoming a magician that has proved that "Jogo Bonito" has no boundaries. I really believe that "Ronaldo de Assis Moreira" has won a place among the "big four" of all time (along with Pel, Cruyff, Maradona and Di Stefano) and in Germany 2006 he's going to prove why he's already a living legend.

    In relation to Messi, I also like the way he plays, but I don't think anyway he's the best player nowadays. He's nowhere near Ronaldinho, and he has to grow and mature in football. He's played just months in Barcelona and after the match against Chelsea in England everybody is talking about "the new Maradona"
    Come on, it's too hurried, and let's have some respect with the trajectory and awards though years. He's talented, but let's give him some time to demonstrate his abilities with achievements around the world.


    by vicho , 7th March
    • noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! [ +1 good ]
      Messi (FC Barcelona) is the best player in the world. ><watch later><
      by oooooouuuuuuuuuu!!!! Desktop User , 8th April
      • u are so wrong!!!!!!
        ronaldinho is the best it is said the offical fifa county
        by bud bud55 , 10th April
      • what maradona friend [ +1 good ]
        hi 10 time better than maradona
        by peti , 11th March
        • Yes...
          .... what about Maradona...? He's just as good if not better...
          by greatmoney , 20th April
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            • This Is retarded Garbage
              by TheTruthTeller , 29th April
              • Good clip
                Nice show. Also checkout
                ==>> -internet -home
                by richieisland , 29th April
                • Save
                  How do you save this
                  by Snoop dawg 4 life , 28th April
                  • People looked at me ...
                    ... just the way they look at Ronaldinho when I was young , but then I spoilt it by visiting a good dentist.
                    by bigboyjoe , 27th April
                    • u r the best commentater
                      the things u said about ronny u r big keep it up lv for ronny
                      by D&G , 26th April
                      • wow
                        ...and i thought maradonna was good lol
                        by phosphor112 , 25th April
                        • Ronaldinho is da best
                          m8 i agree so much n if any one nose how he practices his one on one skills please write back i would be very gratefull if u did fnx
                          by ronaldinho training , 23rd April
                          • The best player ever!
                            I bet it is. Ronaldinho is the best footballer I've ever seen! His tricks are amazing! And look at his dribling. What a skill! Nobody can do this tricks as well. I'm trying that magic and I think is impossible! Maybe his best friend is devil?
                            by QbaZ , 21st April
                            • u talk too much
                              all u hav to say is that ronaldinho is a god and is da best player on the planet
                              by simpson11 , 19th April
                              • ronaldinho
                                despite loving Real Madrid, i agree
                                by elquapo , 14th April
                                • its true
                                  yep gotta agree wit ya dinhio is a god
                                  by baggits , 8th April
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                                    • [ -3 Comment by gooooood - was filtered ]
                                      • Get tha fuck outta here! [ -2 offensive ]
                                        with that bible thumping bullshit - this is a soccer clip where did you come up talkin all this shit when it has nothing to do with the discussion at hand. Shut up and enjoy the clip! (it's that simple)
                                        by METAOZZ , 6th April
                                        • Please, i'm begging you!! [ -2 boring ]
                                          Let's not start another religious debate, this clip is ony about soccer, please keep it that way.
                                          Thank you.
                                          by gravy , 26th March
                                        • [ -3 Comment by gooooood - was filtered ]
                                        • Outstanding [ +3 interesting ]
                                          To all the above comments, this player is on another planet, plays better football, better pass's, attempts the unimaginable all with a smile on his face! Quite frankly this guy could go on to be one of the best players who has ever lived, i personally think we wont be forgetting his name in a hurry! And hes only 25...Go on my son!
                                          by bignwl , 1st March
                                          • I completely agree with you [ +1 good ]
                                            I really believe that if he keeps going like this he will be the best of all time.
                                            by gravy , 1st March
                                            • P.S. - Seriously I can't see there being any other player... [ +1 funny ]
                                              being as entertaining as Dinho is.
                                              Killer surf music dude. Cawabunga!!!!
                                              by gravy , 1st March
                                              • right on
                                                Personally I think he is the best player that ever lived already maradona looks like a amerture compared to ronnie And pele played in a time when the sport was slow moving
                                                by Owensdabomb , 10th April
                                            • Right on!
                                              you're so right- Go Ronaldiño !!!
                                              by METAOZZ , 6th April
                                            • Ok, Ill be the shallow asshole..... [ +2 funny ]
                                              Alright, I dont normally focus on appearance but I just cant help myself..... great soccer player.....who looks like a mutant. I actually saw a characature picture of him before I saw an actual picture of him and it turned out not to be a characature picture at all...looked just like his freaky ass.
                                              by Vitamin D Desktop User , 16th March
                                              • is weh di fuck do yu battybwoy
                                                are you homo or someting man, what di fuck you coming around here talking all dat appearance shit, fucking fag!!!
                                                this is FOOTBALL not Ice skating homebwoy!
                                                by dhinio , 29th April
                                              • Its just a fake! [ +2 funny ]
                                                Its all a fake, no human being could ever do that.
                                                by Midolox Desktop User , 3rd March
                                                • Poor Midilox - I know you were being sarcastic [ +2 good ]
                                                  but everyone else seems to be very upset about your fake comment. You must be having a really good laugh aren't you?
                                                  I was the first guy to rate your comment as funny, but others just went crazy.
                                                  by Gravyman Desktop User , 10th March
                                                  • HAHAHA
                                                    damn, you people are so dumb. i `m the guy who wrote it was a fake. it was sarcastic!! idiots. i m not american, i think i know quite a lot about FOOTBALL (not soccer). But thanks!! I had such a laugh... LOL
                                                    by Midolox Desktop User , 13th March
                                                  • Are you ... [ +1 good ]
                                                    Are you the guy who posts FAKE! at any video you don't like or just another football hater?
                                                    by sunburner Desktop User , 6th March
                                                    • the human can do anything if it is conceivable
                                                      fake is something that can,t be conceived, it is a limit on your exponential and potentila power. the mind is every thing, it can be done. i guess you are not originated in a football culture. PITY!!!!
                                                      by dhinio , 29th April
                                                      • Ha
                                                        Fake ha ha. Why is it that some people have to see everything in person to believe its real. Not just in soccer but a million other things. Its real.
                                                        by SoccasBeast , 15th April
                                                        • you fooooooooooool go and study
                                                          http:// key2open.tripod. com/debate
                                                          by gooooood , 28th March
                                                          • bad comment
                                                            it is real supit,where got fake!!!!!!!!!
                                                            by pattric Desktop User , 8th March
                                                            • yea right
                                                              are u crazy bro, hes the best soccer player in thwe world
                                                              by Tico Boy Desktop User , 7th March
                                                              • Midolox is crazy
                                                                U crazy man????? Ive seen those move live and theres no faking
                                                                about it. Shows u have no clue bout soccer....what are u American!?!??!
                                                                U americans can only talk bout freakin baseball and shit
                                                                by Stevie G Desktop User , 7th March
                                                                • to midolox
                                                                  Ronaldinho is the best but what the fuck u talking about americans can only talk about baseball i'm fucking proud to be american and all I talk about is soccer and hate baseball so this is what i say to ur comment fuck you bitch
                                                                  by futbolesta , 12th March
                                                                • ????
                                                                  How could u think it's fake? U obviously don't know who Ronaldinho Gaucho is.
                                                                  by futbalkid , 5th March
                                                                  • Are you kidding me?!
                                                                    You obviously don't know anything about determination and hard work. Anyone can achieve that, but it takes those two things. Ronaldinho has that.
                                                                    by mlm , 4th March
                                                                    • fake! [ -1 boring ]
                                                                      OH, you are a fucking retard
                                                                      by tenkaichi Desktop User , 5th March
                                                                      • fuck good
                                                                        it loks nice.
                                                                        by fire fly Desktop User , 22nd March
                                                                        • What do you mean by fake?
                                                                          You people who thinks that its fake >> you are sooo dumb!
                                                                          by Oace Desktop User , 12th March
                                                                          • its real [ -1 boring ]
                                                                            you've seen him do all that stuff in games so how the hell can it b fake
                                                                            by age_soccer , 19th March
                                                                        • fake my ass [ -1 boring ]
                                                                          that aint fake i saw almoust all of these live, and on tv live 2.
                                                                          by Siske Desktop User , 3rd March
                                                                        • LLLOSER [ -2 boring ]
                                                                          you are a loser if u think that was fake maybe its just cuz u cant do it and are JEALOUS! stupid fake poster
                                                                          by Bigdick , 6th March
                                                                        • VISCA EL BARCA, VISCA RONALDINHO [ +1 good ]
                                                                          It's a perfect compilation for a perfect soccer star *Ronaldinho*, and for a perfect soccer club * FC Barcelona*

                                                                          FORCA BARCA !!!!!

                                                                          FORCA RONALDINHO!!!!!!
                                                                          by The Catalonian Desktop User , 11th April
                                                                          • Good Video,Shite Soundtrack [ +1 good ]
                                                                            Put a decent song to this vid....the vid that has GALVANISE as its track is great!
                                                                            by Stoney4499 Desktop User , 24th March
                                                                            • lol
                                                                              If you know the name of the track what is it? whats the name of the track dammit!!
                                                                              by lordmelmel , 8th April
                                                                            • NOT A HUMAN [ +1 good ]
                                                                              he is from another planet
                                                                              by musty , 9th March
                                                                              • He's just way too good [ +1 good ]
                                                                                Nobody torments defenders in the modern game like Ronaldinho, and lookin so stylish wit it.
                                                                                by gravy , 1st March
                                                                                • he's good but...
                                                                                  a lot of those moves arent that difficult and i've seen many other players do them. i think he's a great player and has awesome ball control but there are better out there...
                                                                                  by melacine , 1st May
                                                                                  • ronaldinho sk
                                                                                    ronaldino sk
                                                                                    by bo_gasm Desktop User , 30th April
                                                                                    • look at me
                                                                                      i love ranaldinho
                                                                                      i praise him cuz im a loser oh ronald oh ronald
                                                                                      *fwap fwap fwap fwap*
                                                                                      oh ronaldinho
                                                                                      by douche , 30th April
                                                                                      • omg
                                                                                        more ronald mcdonald
                                                                                        by douche , 30th April
                                                                                        • That is one awesome soccer player
                                                                                          Btw is he a mulatto?
                                                                                          by meshblorg , 29th April
                                                                                          • SOCCER is that
                                                                                            by pevooo , 27th April
                                                                                            • GUYS CHECK THIS!!!!!!
                                                                                              You all don't know nothing about soccer. Maradona is wayyyy better then ronaldinho just take a look at how maradona would take people twice his hight and beet them to the ball, also look at how fast he was and how well he would finish a goal.
                                                                                              by santi10 , 27th April
                                                                                              • Ronaldinho da best no doubt
                                                                                                he rules soccer
                                                                                                and he is the bet in the world, he kills messo!!!
                                                                                                by baraka , 26th April
                                                                                                • Wada tank
                                                                                                  dis guy is a frkin legend
                                                                                                  by -.-Paulo-.- , 25th April
                                                                                                  • U r the best football player of the world...
                                                                                                    There's only one word to say "WOW"! Ronnie is the most skillful player of all times. His tricks are so incredible and original. U r so talented man!!! and so blessed!!!
                                                                                                    by dean_7 , 24th April
                                                                                                    • read this -SUPER MODEST DUDE
                                                                                                      He is widely regarded as the best player in the world by fans, pundits and peers alike, although he himself considers such talk ridiculous, having told FourFourTwo magazine, "I don't even feel I'm the best at Bara."[1]
                                                                                                      (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)
                                                                                                      by moroccanpride , 24th April
                                                                                                      • Ronaldinho is the best player in the world.
                                                                                                        Maradonna and Pele were nothing in comparance with RONALDINHO!!!
                                                                                                        by NIRee Desktop User , 23rd April
                                                                                                        • why all ways ronaldinho
                                                                                                          I know hes good (brilliant).but there is more bood players out there
                                                                                                          by ollie123 , 23rd April
                                                                                                          • not another video of this idiot...
                                                                                                            stupid clip..
                                                                                                            by Travdaddy , 20th April
                                                                                                            • amazing
                                                                                                              is the best soccer player in the world

                                                                                                              p.s. go to my site bernardinho.
                                                                                                              by figo16 , 20th April

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