Founded Aziz Society for the Development and Abe engaged including population comprising residents and the development of the site and its defense for exit papers property meets every week or twice a week after signed between the father and neighbor Mohammed began permanent members meet once a week to discuss new developments in the subject and eased last meeting It showed that our neighbor and director of the school joined the opinion neighbor Mohammed asked members of Abe and only one sitting in front of the shop to avoid meeting him, and he calmed evidence against the existence Shop against Abe, while some members expressed Chavi trend subject and others with Abe and with the right. Mahdh minimum Manfred? For Mada where I live and around Enviers much for me Ayhabon good in the daily struggle for a few dirhams. in addition to eased and Optical every day before my wish to death for myself and my family Aare Ttagasi. what Manfred work? Is retained bond silent and slow death, heart surgeon Widens IDPL and blindfolded merged Chim oblivion. Manfred asked the father to travel to Rabat for going against what is happening to us and raise invite lawsuits against neighbors or just solution Ada suggested that they wanted to shut shop Fletalbwa state that I find the position filled Ihamini of homelessness and oblivion, but will not yield. But my father always stand in front of me and asked me not to intervene and Antzar what will come, and has promised not Ada would bury the issue after a month, I will not hesitate to go to the capital to put an end to the arrogance and shed neighboring Director and Inspector and I hope that God would help me to Aldhelm defeated. Despite the double I am educated not surrendered, or will not stand against Imanaani Araiti, not even climacteric besmear the reputation Alhasdin dust has developed confidence as Vic's son in my family told tack Pmahdt during Giabik order to be aware of what is happening. thank you much ... because you Alou understands single parents.

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