Caught On Camera
People fall, slide and slightly hurt themselves. Funny
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By BennyZ 3 months ago
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  • Let's Think Outside Of The Box, here. [ +5 funny ]
    Perhaps we are viewing a new form of Genetic Screening. Those folks, whom perhaps, should be an endpoint on the Planet's chain of life? Please don't tell me, these people, can reproduce. HORRORS! Stephen.
    by SpectreDeed , 14th February
    • Reproducing
      I'm sure they guy jumping on the pole won't be able to reproduce anymore.
      by maraffio72 , 17th April
      • I want see all movies
        Especially when a guy is hit in his nuts? I dont understand that... i betit must hurt men when they are hit there but it is no fun... google over the internet and see many men dying from being hit is that tender part of their bodies... this is just sick that the groin kicking and testicle abuse is all over- in movies, on tv shows, everywhere and it is supposed to be comical....
        by Thanwin81 Desktop User , 1st April
        • Some of them may not be able to anymore...
          Lots of people in this video hit ythemselves in the balls. Hopefully, that'll impair their ability to reproduce, thus creating a smarter society and world peace.
          by Generic Azn , 28th March
          • LOL
            Yeah serous case of shit for brains!!

            Man the dude getting clocked by the branch was priceless!
            by Ddamaja Desktop User , 21st March
            • [ -3 Comment by your best friend - was filtered ]
              • this is no the forum for this
                go to google and search " christian muslim chat blog "
                by YourBestFriendsJesus , 25th February
            • Chuckle and god [ +1 insightful ]
              I found it a bit sick at the start but i did chuckle(i mean just the slight laugh) at one or two things but i get why it some people think it is sick heck im 13 and i've triped right into a metel bar twice and it hurt but i still look back and have a chuckle at it. I say if you can't laugh at it then whats the point of laughter its there to ease the pain a bit Plus the christian nutcase, i'm a christian and im devoted to god but im sure god dosn't want to call all his people evil i mean he sent him to die TO DIE to save us (i know sounds sick) but god made us and he know wants to forgives us and those who love him want his love al well( Not trying to make anyone a christian who reads it because u have every right not to because god wanted us to willingly be in gods faith not forced).
              by Dinopel , 2nd March
              • What? [ -1 boring ]
                People, check your religion else where. I didn't come her to be preached upon. If I was, I would look for it else where, not "Caught on Camera!"
                by Rasta_Pasta , 5th March
                • OPINION IS OPINION [ +1 good ]
                  by ajay11 , 16th March
                  • good point
                    What you said is sooooo true!! thank you! well said!
                    by maximus21 , 20th April
              • lol [ +1 good ]
                hahahaaa.... hilarious and what I still can't believe is that these people don't see it coming!
                by nanaki , 13th February
                • LOL
                  hahahahahahaha my tummy hahahahahahah I cant breath.......
                  by KlegaNice , 30th April
                  • well funny
                    the guy with the bowling ball
                    by 7923werner , 21st April
                    • caught on camera
                      by the great.88 Desktop User , 17th April
                      • GREAT:)
                        IT WAS VERY GOOD AND FUNNY.
                        by GUINOT Desktop User , 17th April
                        • VERY GOOD.
                          by GUINOT Desktop User , 17th April
                          • mmm
                            did the last guys die?
                            by -=KRYZ=- Desktop User , 16th April
                            • xxxxxx
                              by yildo07 Desktop User , 15th April
                              • oh shit
                                dat hat wehgetan
                                by GT4 , 15th April
                                • It's Obviously all FAKE!
                                  Just kidding. :-) Don't you just hate people like that?
                                  by YouAreWastingTime , 9th April
                                  • !?!?!?
                                    look at the bowling part...he throws the bowling and there arnt any sticks to throw at...did he mean to throw himself ? LOL
                                    by friski , 8th April
                                    • Blah Blah Blah ....
                                      This is some funny $hit !! ... Blaaardy love it !! =))
                                      by KriSSie_LiCiouS , 7th April
                                      • My Goodness GRassious
                                        What oh in holy hell is going on why coudlnt they put at least one Packet

                                        BUT THESE PEOPLE ARE EXTREME IDIOTS
                                        by The Toilet Seat , 5th April
                                          by Hks_qatar Desktop User , 3rd April
                                          • lol
                                            An ok compilation, i thought the guy at the beggining was funny and i would like to know wat the hell the guy is doing on the bike thats on the roof =p
                                            by Trucker Tom , 18th March
                                            • Yes no feet.
                                              and no Teeth after that hit.
                                              by Annonymous , 15th March
                                              • estan muy buenos
                                                estos videos son realmente buenos

                                                these videos are really good

                                                cette films sont trs bien
                                                by SALEMEM , 10th March
                                                • ???
                                                  seems like a new kind of idiots are born.
                                                  just great
                                                  by anase , 7th March
                                                  • Staged crap
                                                    is not funny
                                                    by dragons79 , 7th March
                                                    • Try Hards
                                                      I agree that some (not all) are staged for the camera.
                                                      The guy punching the boxing ball flinches and moves his hips back before it hits him.
                                                      by ajay11 , 16th March
                                                    • Song title
                                                      Could someone please tell me the exact song title?
                                                      by tombstone3 , 6th March
                                                      • All very funny.
                                                        Classic example of stupid poeple doing stupid things.
                                                        by spaz_9876 , 3rd March
                                                        • They are all men?
                                                          Most (if not all) of them are men.....! Are we really that stupid?!! Women really do live longer too....!
                                                          by scramjetalex , 1st March
                                                          • THE WHOLE WORLD IS A SOAPBOX
                                                            Some people will use it every chance they get!
                                                            by Rich in Fla Desktop User , 25th February
                                                              Really nice, nice music and one of the less funny trashmovies.
                                                              by giggles , 21st February
                                                              • lol hahahahah
                                                                o my i loved the part at the end where he falls and just doesnt move lol lol must hurt
                                                                by 111822222 Desktop User , 21st February
                                                                • geez.
                                                                  usualy when i see shit like this im like ...... only in kentucky. considering thats where i live. it wouldnt suprise me if all of these were shot in kentucky but i doubt it considering most ppl here wouldnt hang a bike from a fuckin cieling. and what kind of douche on rollerblades keeps on jumping after the steps. oh ya and the guy that gets owned by the tree ............ dont wana talk about it.
                                                                  by baseball6040 , 19th February
                                                                  • OMG
                                                                    Wot were they doin puttin a bike on the roof anywy???????? 0_o
                                                                    by narnia , 18th February
                                                                    • storage hooks
                                                                      storage hooks screwed into the ceiling or rafters to hang a bike, an empty bike that is.
                                                                      by Shroomy , 18th February
                                                                    • hehehe...
                                                                      by ayum , 18th February
                                                                      • lol
                                                                        Hee hee, I said to myself "Look, theres no humour in other peoples misfortune"
                                                                        I couldnt help myself lol
                                                                        by DarkLight Desktop User , 17th February
                                                                        • Funny
                                                                          that waz sweet but must of hurt
                                                                          by ice pic , 16th February
                                                                          • son title
                                                                            WHAT IS THAT SONG CALLED, THE ONE THAT IS PLAYED IN THE MOVIE:..? CAN SOMEBODY JUST ANSWER THAT QUESTION?
                                                                            by minimoh , 16th February
                                                                            • The song is called..
                                                                              Everyday Superhero by Steve Harwell
                                                                              by djloco09 , 28th March
                                                                              • sounds...
                                                                       something from smashmouth
                                                                                by 54321 , 16th February
                                                                              • lol wat a daft man!
                                                                                He went to jump on the sleg but no insted he jumps right over it face first into snow how possible!
                                                                                by ronovdo , 16th February
                                                                                • Good!
                                                                                  Very funny. I send it to mumor!
                                                                                  by Damu , 15th February
                                                                                  • Very funny.
                                                                                    It's funny to watch on video or film. You wouldn't laugh if you saw this in person, but on video it's funny. Remember, these videos were obviously shot by friends of the poor unfortunates in the picture
                                                                                    by techne , 14th February
                                                                                    • song
                                                                                      what is the song title?
                                                                                      by tombstone3 , 14th February
                                                                                      • :-O
                                                                                        I hate these type of videos. These ppl actually think this is Funny. NOT !!!!!

                                                                                        by Maria559 Desktop User , 13th February
                                                                                        • lol
                                                                                          one of the best compilation of videos on metacafe
                                                                                          by twe412 Desktop User , 13th February
                                                                                          • awhhwwh...
                                                                                            some of thoes falls must hurt...
                                                                                            by McMik , 13th February
                                                                                            • Ah,
                                                                                              this has renewed my faith in the stupidity of people. Best album title I've ever heard... "You Can't Fix Stupid" by Ron White. So appropriate here.
                                                                                              by Printerman Desktop User , 13th February
                                                                                              • I want to see all of metacafe video
                                                                                                please comment with responsibility and sensitivity. metacafe will not be held responsible for users' comments and will not hesitate to make the IP addresses of commentors posting defamatory, racist or obscene comments available to the authorities.
                                                                                                by Thanwin81 Desktop User , 1st April
                                                                                              • lool
                                                                                                which is the song played?
                                                                                                by knife , 13th February
                                                                                                • hahahaha
                                                                                                  look mom no teeth
                                                                                                  by thekelo , 13th February
                                                                                                  • caught on camera
                                                                                                    LOL, finaly some new ones (at least for me), notice: most of them r man !!!!
                                                                                                    by charmed , 13th February
                                                                                                    • Bowling
                                                                                                      That guy flying down the Bowling alley was bad acting
                                                                                                      by PJalst , 13th February
                                                                                                      • Pain is fun....only in America... [ -1 boring ]
                                                                                                        What the fuck is this all about? People get fun when seeing others getitng hurt.... what a sick world has this become...

                                                                                                        Especially when a guy is hit in his nuts? I dont understand that... i betit must hurt men when they are hit there but it is no fun... google over the internet and see many men dying from being hit is that tender part of their bodies... this is just sick that the groin kicking and testicle abuse is all over- in movies, on tv shows, everywhere and it is supposed to be comical....

                                                                                                        Now when the a woman is hit there or a man is seen punching a woman in her boobs, the feminists among us women are the first to shut the whole company down.... that is not funny to them but a groin kick to the testicles is?

                                                                                                        Jesus, this is one sick world!
                                                                                                        by naughtycassandra Desktop User , 13th February
                                                                                                        • If you don't find this funny then [ +6 funny ]
                                                                                                          you probably take things way too seriously and you never laugh at jokes. Must be dull at parties too.
                                                                                                          by Swanie Desktop User , 14th February
                                                                                                          • U go Cassie
                                                                                                            I totally agree with Cassie, It's sick to laugh at any guy getting hit in the balls or groin area. I have never found that funny. Seeing ppl in pain is not funny.
                                                                                                            by Maria559 Desktop User , 15th February
                                                                                                            • The guys (and gals) featured in the clips had to give permission to release [ +1 insightful ]
                                                                                                              the videos for public viewing. Which means they themselves find the clips funny and want to share their laughter with us! If I had a chance to win 100,000 $ by being caught on camera being hit in the groin area, then I hope its funny enough to win the prize on AFV. (no such luck yet)
                                                                                                              by Swanie Desktop User , 16th February
                                                                                                            • hi
                                                                                                              hey casandra i like what u said about tht movie , yes we are the men having a big pain when we hit in this area , lol hope u the femeinests do something for us (lol ) hope we be freinds u can reply to my mail sabrykamel @ hope we can talk there
                                                                                                              by sabrykamel Desktop User , 15th February
                                                                                                              • I'm sure
                                                                                                                that all of these people woke up the next morning, thought "Damn, that was a stupid thing to do", took an asparin, and went about their daily lives. People do these things all the time, it's just that technology allows us to realize we're surrounded by idiots.
                                                                                                                by Hux , 14th February
                                                                                                                • look here!
                                                                                                                  You do have very good points but you have to consider that this in this video particularly is only minor injuries,no need for all that posting plus the kick in the nuts is alaways funny even among us guys and chicks.
                                                                                                                  by DoggyStyle , 14th February
                                                                                                                  • dude... [ -1 good ]
                                                                                                                    dude ...seriously ...its no big deal...the guy didnt get hit in the balls that hard...ive seen much worse

                                                                                                                    by the way it is funny
                                                                                                                    by Demarini , 14th February